Web design

Our talented team has the ingredients of web design success, ensuring the optimum use of fonts, colors and heart touching and eye catching images. So we can reach your needs in a unique and incomparable manner.

Our fluid website designs which are fully responsive ones reform themselves to fit any device or screen such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, allowing  you to use only one website version for all devices, with no need to create separate versions for mobile or tablet users.

Web development

Each website is customized to fit with your entity and goals .We use the latest technologies and methodologies to develop your website, so that you won’t need to upgrade your design every now and then to avoid its being outdated. Our aim is to fulfill your needs in a unique and innovative design.  

Our easy to use CMS (control management system) will allow you to control website without the need of an expert .you can manage your dynamic website using our CMS modules to add/edit/delete contents to keep your website up to date.

The web portal will be totally optimized by default for search engine visibility, with the following SEO benefits:

» Search engine friendly URL pages
» Full keyword, meta-tags and description tags with the ability to set up keywords via control panel by site admin if needed
» Full integration with Google Analytics allowing Google to sense all traffic on all pages thus increasing your search engine visibility.
» Full optimization for website contents, images alt. text for maximum SEO benefits by default.
» Following the standards correct HTML Formats ensuring all pages are viewed correctly by SEO

Webird Designs ensure Cross browsing compatibility, allowing the website to appear correctly on different browsers, screen sizes and also on different tablets and mobile devices as well.

All Visual contents will be optimized for speed ensuring the website is quick to load, responsive and also ranked as fast website in Google rankings

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